Countryman's American Pit Bull Terriers

Torque X Sydney Litter-born 8/27/11

Our Torque X Sydney Litter of 2011 has matured into a very nice bunch. Our goals for this litter were accompished, 4 of the 8 pups have gone into working or showing homes, and are progressing nicely. Scarlett, Rogue, ReBar and Mako have big plans for the 2014 year, and we are looking forward to seeing what all is accomplished! Thank you to all of the owners that have put in the valuable time and effort into raising, training, and loving these dogs, they are fine ambassadors of the breed, and without you it would not be possible!! 



Male A-Countryman's RedRyder BBGun aka "Bug" Florida

Male B-Countryman's "Mako" Maryland

Male C-Countryman's "ReBar" The Beach

Male D-Countryman's "JJ" North Carolina

Female E- Countryman's "Ginger" Maryland

Female F- Countryman's "Rogue" California

Rogue is training for French Ring



Female F-Countryman's Suzie Q.

Female G-Countryman's Scarlett Letter